Welcoming students from experienced beginner to advanced levels, the practice will build endurance and strength. Classes offer creative and unique sequences of poses that flow together while giving the option of modifications. Variations are given to accommodate everyone.
MONDAY 9:30 - 11:00 am (Kathleen McInnes)
MONDAY 6:00 pm (Desiree Kleemann)
WEDNESDAY 9:30 am (Desiree Kleemann)
SATURDAY 9:30 am (Desiree Kleemann

This slower paced class is designed to revitalize and restore your body, relax your mind, increase energy, and reduce stress. Perfect for students who are new to yoga, recovering from or living with injury or for the experienced student wanting a slower paced, less strenuous class
TUESDAY 9:30 am (Kathleen McInnes)
THURSDAY 9:30 am (Kathleen McInnes)

These classes use movement and breath together to produce a "flow" of postures that lead naturally from one to the next to create a deep invigerating yoga practice that recognizes each student's individual strengths and limitations. The sequences will change from class to class, but the overall experience is being caught up in the flow of the movement and the moment. Ideal for those looking for a more challenging practice and wanting to gain confidence to have their own home practice. Previous yoga experience necessary with the ability to move through different variations of the Sun Salutations
FRIDAY 9:30 am (Desiree Kleemann)